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10 Reasons Why We Might Not exists



I don’t understand why everyone is somewhat upset. Most of this stuff is related to quantum mechanics. However I think quantum mechanics is only provable via the assertion that it is making observations of things our ancestors have already thought of. So this leads me to believe and still question the idea, what came first, the matter or the idea of matter?

Lets take a look at number one. That idea sounds exactly like lucid dreaming. We are in state of unconscious awareness (apply this everywhere) in a VAT(computer whatever, the system, the universe). Currently most of us have no idea that we are in, aka a dream. When we dreram we have some ridculous dreams don’t we? Its not until after we wake up that we realize why in the hell was I being attacked by giant marshmellows. We experienced a reality, without even knowing it. It was ONLY until we woke up to know we are simply dreaming.

Now say we became lucid in our dreams. Lucid dreaming refers to the ability to become fully aware of dreaming. IF you have ever lucid dreamed, then you know how amazing it is! Those haunting marshmellows! LOL When lucid I decide to eat them! I shaped that reality. Now apply this to the so called real world. Quote unquote a parallel universe (vice versa). We can now, and test have confirmed this, change our reality. They have set up computers where test subjects have thought of the number 1 more than the number zero and simply by thinking, they got more 1s than 0s.

Now lets go back to quantum mechanics. Everyone knows of the double slit experiment right? Well when nothing is observing, then particles react in a manner that many cannot comprehend (aka a dream). Then when one becomes observing, then the particles react only in a manner we can comprehend. Lucid dreaming.

Trust me folks. You think science knows everything, but trust me when I say philosophy.